Richard E. Cain

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Nursing research often requires inquiry into sensitive topics that involve hidden or hard- to reach populations. However, identifying and sampling these populations for research purposes is often fraught with difficulties. Barriers include society's lack of tolerance of diverse groups, social stigma, concern for issues of confidentiality, and fear of(More)
This preliminary investigation assessed preservice elementary teacher's attitudes toward homosexual parents and their children. The study populations included 195 college students enrolled in an elementary school health methods course at a large northeastern university. A 51-item " and Lesbian Parenting Questionnaire" was used for data collection purposes.(More)
Research investigating predictors of risky sexual behavior of rural MSM is sparse, even though the prevalence of HIV in rural areas has increased. This study explored two sets of predictors of 93 rural MSM's levels of risky sexual behavior: mental health variables and stigma emanating from men's family members, health care professionals, and people in the(More)
Interventions aimed at reducing HIV-related sexual risk behaviors among men who have sex with men (MSM) have been highly successful in urban areas in reducing the incidence of new cases of HIV infection. In rural areas, where the rates of infection are increasing, issues of culture, population density, isolation, and lack of access to health care services(More)
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