Richard E Blanton

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The explanation of the development of ancient Mesoamerican civilization is in need of a new theoretical approach to replace the sterile debates between, for example, materialists and cognitivists or region-centered versus world-systems theorists. The foremost source of theoretical difficulty is that all of the arguments take place within the conceptual(More)
I modify Fredrik Barth's approach, which sees ethnic group building as a signaling system, to place it within a framework that draws from collective action and costly signaling theories. From these perspectives, ethnic signaling, although representing a costly penalty to group members, is one effective form of communication that facilitates collective(More)
COVER A circulator for sound. The arrows represent acoustic signals fl owing through the device (diameter: ~20 centimeters), which circulates sound in a nonreciprocal fashion: Signals can fl ow from left to top, from top to right, and from right to left, but not in the opposite directions. This creates one-way communication channels for sound, allowing(More)
Erik Otárola-Castillo is an archaeologist, human evolutionary biologist, and biostatistician. His specialties include evolution, ecology, and diversity of behavior in prehistoric and modern populations of hunter-gatherers, as well as the effects that climatic change, variation of food availability, and-distribution had on the diet of some of the first North(More)
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