Richard Dunford

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Addressing climate change vulnerability requires an understanding of both the level of climate impacts and the capacity of the exposed population to cope. This study developed a methodology for allowing users to explore vulnerability to changes in ecosystem services as a result of climatic and socio-economic changes. It focuses on the vulnerability of(More)
INTRODUCTION Running out of air, buoyancy problems and rapid ascents are known risk factors for diving morbidity and mortality. The effects of the diving environment and equipment and the influence of individual diver characteristics on these risks were studied. METHODS Between 1995 and 2004, Project Dive Exploration prospectively recorded 52,582(More)
The Australian grocery sector is both highly concentrated and highly competitive, providing a major challenge to any would-be new entrant. Despite the attractiveness of the Australian market to global players (Zarkada-Fraser & Fraser, 2002), no foreign-owned retailer had established a successful greenfield operation in Australian until this was achieved by(More)
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