Richard Dunford

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A B S T R AC T Sensegiving constitutes a key process in the management of strategic change. Often this takes the form of narratives that provide a portrayal of events surrounding the change. This article reports the findings of research into the strategic change narratives that emerged in three organizations in which the senior management were seeking to(More)
*Put course title in the subject line of any e-mails you send to me. To explore some of the processes, models, and methods for intervening in organizations to develop their capacity and to achieve change. To learn how management deals with conflicting demands and ways of balancing these demands. To understand from case example how organizations have faced(More)
Addressing climate change vulnerability requires an understanding of both the level of climate impacts and the capacity of the exposed population to cope. This study developed a methodology for allowing users to explore vulnerability to changes in ecosystem services as a result of climatic and socioeconomic changes. It focuses on the vulnerability of Europe(More)
Dr. Pick " s articles have impacted the scientific literature in decision support systems, computer science, and management information systems. We document this impact by the following list of 177 articles we have found that cite his work. Vector error_correction models in a consumer packaged goods category forecasting decision support system, "
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