Richard Duncombe

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This paper examines whether the Internet can be used to improve peasant artisan incomes by connecting producers directly with global markets. The paper surveys previous research which suggests that Business to Business artisan portals within most Developing Economies have failed to deliver expected benefits. This paper identifies some of the significant(More)
The Development Informatics working paper series discusses the broad issues surrounding information, knowledge, information systems, and information and communication technologies in the process of socioeconomic development Abstract Research concerning mobile phones and financial services in developing countries has undergone rapid growth in recent years.(More)
This paper argues that access to public e-services encourages citizen engagement in the e-government policy making processes and the further empowerment of citizens through participation in the democratic processes of developing/transitional countries like Tajikistan. It presents e-citizenship, with e-participation as its driving force, as a phenomenon(More)
Exposure Average Exposure Average mJD Time Intensity mJD Time Intensity ABSTRACT We have observed Proxima Centauri and Barnard's Star with Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor 3. Proxima Centauri exhibits small-amplitude, periodic photometric variations. Once several sources of systematic photometric error are corrected, we obtain 2 milli-magnitude(More)
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