Richard Dikau

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Soil erosion is a major factor of land degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. The loss of nutrient-rich topsoil from hillslopes causes severe agricultural problems for an extremely vulnerable agricultural society that depends on soil quality as a fundamental base for its livelihood. The removal of soil in source areas leads to sediment accumulation in sink(More)
In this paper differential SAR-Interferometry (DInSAR) is applied to study a landslide close to La Valette which is situated in the southern French Alps. The general capability of D-InSAR to determine the field of movement of a moderately moving landslide is shown, by carrying out the phase unwrapping and projecting the measured displacement to the(More)
Integrated access to the many heterogeneous and distributed sources of Geo data is an important precondition in order to facilitate the investigation of global processes like temporal development of ecosystems. The object oriented paleoecological information system OPALIS aims to support interoperability of various data sources. While retaining the(More)
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