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OBJECTIVE Functional written communication, an important goal in the rehabilitation of persons with tetraplegia, frequently is met through the use of personal computers and alternative computer access systems. To make informed decisions about alternative access systems, the therapist needs information on the efficacy of the available choices. The purpose of(More)
Diamond or cubic boron nitride particles can be sintered into strong masses at high temperatures and very high pressures at which these crystalline forms are stable. Most of the desirable physical properties of the sintered masses, such as hardness and thermal conductivity, approach those of large single crystals; their resistance to wear and catastrophic(More)
A primary goal of research in usable security and privacy is to understand the differences and similarities between users. While past researchers have clustered users into different groups, past categories of users have proven to be poor predictors of end-user behaviors. In this paper, we perform an alternative clustering of users based on their behaviors.(More)
Force per unit area measurements made in the megabar pressure cell, independently of other pressure calibration systems, are consistent with the ruby R1 scale of Mao, Bell, Shaner, and Steinberg and its extrapolation to 1.4 Mbar. Physical analysis of diamond anvils removed after experiments to maximum pressures of 1.3-1.7 Mbar suggests that the nitrogen(More)
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