Richard DW Kelly

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BACKGROUND Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are implicated in a range of pathological conditions, suggesting a natural therapeutic role for EPCs in angiogenesis. However, current angiogenic therapies involving EPC transplantation are inefficient due to rejection of donor EPCs. One solution is to derive an expanded population of EPCs from stem cells in(More)
Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is a rare disorder of hemopoietic stem cells. Affected individuals have a triad of clinical associations - intravascular hemolysis, an increased risk of thromboembolism, and bone marrow failure. Most of the symptoms experienced in this disease occur due to the absence of complement regulatory proteins on the surface of(More)
BACKGROUND Population-based information on cancer incidence, prevalence and outcome are required to inform clinical practice and research; but contemporary data are lacking for many myeloid malignancy subtypes. METHODS Set within a socio-demographically representative UK population of ∼4 million, myeloid malignancy data (N=5231 diagnoses) are from an(More)
Jacket use in NHP is a common practice and is often considered a form of refinement during experiments necessitating extended periods of catheterization. An important consideration when using jackets is the physiologic effects that jacketing has on NHP and its potential to confound research. Several studies have evaluated the stress response and habituation(More)
Cyber games are gaining popularity in universities as a tool to further information security education. Recently prominent national and international collegiate cyber games were conducted and efforts are underway to institutionalize these games. This paper presents a set of design options for cyber games based on the author's experiences in organizing and(More)
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