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It's not just what you do, it's the way that you do it: the effect of different payment card formats and survey administration on willingness to pay for health gain.
A general population sample of 314 Australian respondents were randomly allocated to complete a contingent valuation survey administered by face-to-face or telephone interview, and analyses indicate that the randomly shuffled PC version may produce the most 'valid' values.
Antimicrobial resistance: a global response.
The capacity of national and international institutions and mechanisms to generate a collective response to antimicrobial resistance is considered and strategies for containing resistance are outlined, with particular reference to globally coordinated activities of countries.
Construction of the contingent valuation market in health care: a critical assessment.
It is concluded that CV studies in health care have performed poorly in the construction, specification and presentation of the contingent market, and that there has been little, if any, improvement in this respect over the last 15 years.
The effect of rising food prices on food consumption: systematic review with meta-regression
Changes in global food prices will have a greater effect on food consumption in lower income countries and in poorer households within countries, and has important implications for national responses to increases in food prices and for the definition of policies designed to reduce the global burden of undernutrition.
Foreign direct investment and trade in health services: a review of the literature.
  • Richard D. Smith
  • Political Science, Economics
    Social science & medicine
  • 1 December 2004
Cost-effectiveness of point-of-care C-reactive protein testing to inform antibiotic prescribing decisions.
BACKGROUND Point-of-care C-reactive protein (POCCRP) is a biomarker of inflammation that offers clinicians a rapid POC test to guide antibiotic prescribing decisions for acute cough and lower
Fruit and vegetable consumption and self-reported functional health in men and women in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer–Norfolk (EPIC–Norfolk): a population-based cross-sectional
Higher fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with better self-reported physical functional health within a general population, and the recommended ‘five a day’ strategy may have additional benefit for functional as well as other health outcomes in the population.