Richard D. Webb

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UNLABELLED We performed a retrospective study of twin pairs under 36 weeks gestation admitted to a regional neonatal unit over a three year period to determine if the larger twin of a twin pair is at increased risk of respiratory distress in the immediate postnatal period compared to the smaller twin. Gestation, gender, birth weight, mode and reason for(More)
Conduction velocity, absolute refractory period, and subnormal conduction period measures of the right ulnar motor nerve were obtained during a simple reaction time task. 6 young, healthy, right-arm dominant male subjects were tested following 30 min. exposure in ambient (20 degrees C) and hot (36 degrees C) room air conditions. Motor and premotor(More)
Two studies examined perception of briefly presented (100-msec.) strings of letters. In Study One, 20 subjects were presented horizontal 5-letter strings in the left, central, and right visual fields. These were compared with 5-letter vertical strings presented centrally in the lower, central, and upper visual fields. Similar within-string patterns were(More)
The auditor and EDP operating personnel have many areas of mutual interest. More effective communication will enable both auditors and data processing professionals to better discharge their respective responsibilities. The auditor's responsibilities, his role in an EDP environment, the need for mutual cooperation and planning, the impact of advanced(More)
A small change in brick dimensions resulted in an increase in the perceived work-load of men loading and unloading pallets of bricks by hand. A laboratory study indicated that the change in brick dimensions required changes in grip pattern in order to unload bricks at the same rate, moving the same number at a time. These changed grip patterns resulted in(More)
We report a case of fetal hydrothorax treated successfully in the antenatal period, but which resulted in cosmetic problems discussed in comparison to scarring from postnatal chest drain insertion. A 32-year-old lady, blood group A negative, had an ultrasound examination at 11 weeks gestation showing a single viable fetus. Routine anomaly scanning at 21+3(More)
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