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W e propose and test a new pricing procedure for solving large-scale structured linear programs. The procedure interactively solves a relaxed subproblem to identify potential entering basic columns. The subproblem is chosen to exploit special structure, rendering it easy to solve. The effect of the procedure is the reduction of the number of pivots needed(More)
The multicommodity-flow problem arises in a wide variety of important applications. Many communications, logistics, manufacturing , and transportation problems can be formulated as large multicommodity-flow problems. During the last few years researchers have made steady advances in solving extremely large multicommodity-flow problems. This improvement has(More)
If a linear program tLP) po ssesses a large generalized network (G N) submatrix, this structure can be exploited to decrease solution time. The problems of finding maximum sets of GN constraint s and finding maximum embedded GN sub matrices are shown to be NP-complete, indicating that reliable, efficient solution of these problems is difficult. Therefore,(More)
Researchers have developed artificially intelligent (AI) and expert systems (ES) to assist in the formulation, solution and interpretation of generic mathematical programs (MP). In addition, re­ searchers also have built domain-specific systems either modeled around a mathematical program or which include a mathematical program module. In these systems, the(More)