Richard D. Gilson

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Past research has demonstrated that there are cognitive processing costs associated with comprehension of speech generated by text-to-speech synthesizers, relative to comprehension of natural speech. This finding has important performance implications for the many applications that use such systems. The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether certain(More)
Recent studies have shown that alcohol interferes with visual control of vestibular nystagmus. The present study was designed to assess three partially independent systems of oculomotor control. Performance on three tasks was measured before and after mild alcohol dosage. One task involved visual suppression of vestibular nystagmus; a second involved smooth(More)
The feasibility of coupling direct practice with simultaneous exposure to a proficient model's behavior was tested using advanced simulation. A new technique was developed which optically superimposes an optimal flight path of an expert onto the trainees' display screen as they are attempting to perform the same maneuver. This method of presentation is(More)
The purpose of the studies reported here was to determine if participants wearing a purposed-designed tactile display could accurately report cue localization and messaging while undergoing different levels of physiological stress. Experiment 1 found that participants could effectively receive tactile messaging while navigating a physically challenging(More)
Spatial tactile displays allow for the cueing of directional information without drawing upon the visual and auditory channels. This work highlights the effectiveness of a tactual display versus a spatial auditory display baseline for augmenting a visual search task. Touch provides highly salient and covert signals that narrow the visual search space,(More)