Richard D. Gilbert

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Due to their versatile properties, robust behavior, facile processability and low cost, organic polymers have become the material of choice for an increasing number of mature and cutting-edge technologies. In the last decade or so, a new class of polymers capable of responding to external electrical stimulation by displaying significant size or shape change(More)
Abdominal aortic aneurysms are rare in children. Causes include mycotic aneurysms, vasculitides (eg, Takayasu's arteritis), connective tissue diseases (eg, Marfan's syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis) and traumatic false aneurysms. Four cases are described. Case 1 was a 12-year-old boy who presented with an acute unheralded rupture of(More)
Acute cough due to viral upper respiratory tract infection (URI) is the most common form of cough and accounts for tremendous expenditure on prescription and non-prescription cough products worldwide. However, few agents have been shown in properly conducted clinical trials to be effective for cough due to URI. The present study evaluated the effect of(More)
BACKGROUND Glucocorticoid use has been associated with an increased fracture risk and reduced bone mineral density (BMD), particularly in the trabecular compartment. However the contribution of the underlying inflammatory disease process to these outcomes is poorly understood. Childhood nephrotic syndrome (NS) typically follows a relapsing-remitting course(More)
Studies have suggested that when chlorine dioxide is contained in a mouthrinse, it neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air. The efficacy of a chlorine dioxide-containing mouthrinse in the reduction of oral malodor was evaluated in a randomized, controlled, double-blind, parallel group study of 31 men and women. Subjects with a maximum odor(More)
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the ability of Echinacea purpurea to prevent infection with rhinovirus type 39 (RV-39). Forty-eight previously healthy adults received echinacea or placebo, 2.5 mL 3 times per day, for 7 days before and 7 days after intranasal inoculation with RV-39. Symptoms were(More)
The effects of high blood pressure on growth are not fully understood and while hypertension may be associated with failure to thrive, hypertension causing failure to thrive in children is poorly documented. We describe four children presenting with failure to thrive due to hypertension consequent to various aetiologies. Control of hypertension with(More)
The efficacy of a chlorine dioxide-containing mouthrinse in reducing oral malodor was compared to that of a water control in randomized, double-blind crossover study in 12 male and female subjects. Entrance criteria required a score of < or = 1 (slightly unpleasant/stale) on a 7-point ordinal odor pleasantness scale at both screening and baseline. On the(More)
BACKGROUND The use of multiple topical drugs for the treatment of acne may cause elevated irritation. Therefore, the selection of a combination regimen should include a careful consideration of the irritation potential of the individual acne medications. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS To compare the cumulative irritation potential of adapalene gel 0.1%, tazarotene(More)