Richard D. Davis

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PURPOSE Academic difficulty is reported in children with prolonged post-concussive symptoms. Despite growing evidence that vestibular-ocular and vision-specific dysfunction are common in children after concussion, vision is rarely mentioned in return-to-learn protocols. The purpose of this project was to evaluate a cohort of children with prolonged(More)
OBJECT Pediatric sports-related concussions are a growing public health concern. The factors that determine injury severity and time to recovery following these concussions are poorly understood. Previous studies suggest that initial symptom severity and diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are predictors of prolonged recovery (> 28(More)
The visually handicapped computer user or programmer is faced with a very difficult task in interfacing with computing hardware. The types of equipment currently available for this purpose fall into one of several general categories: expensive, nonportable, and domain-specific. In the current paper, we describe a new terminal device designed specifically(More)
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