Richard D. Corbin

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To ensure smooth and successful transition of software innovations to C2 systems, it is critical to maintain proper levels of knowledge about the system configuration, the operational environment, and the technology in both existing and new systems. We present a three-tier knowledge management scheme through a systematic planning of actions spanning the(More)
BACKGROUND The present requirement for "at facility" polysomnograms requires many residents in mountain communities to descend in elevation for sleep testing, which may cause misleading results regarding the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). DESIGN Eleven patients with previously undiagnosed sleep apnea living at an altitude > 2,400 m (7,900(More)
This book is a series of essays on the subject of miscue analysis, a diagnostic procedure rooted in the psycholinguistic view of reading. The focus of miscue analysis is on the broad field of reading comprehension rather than the isolated decoding of individual words and letters,. The contents of this book include: "Introduction" by Sister Rosemary(More)
In modern warfare, C2 center staff can face " cognition overload " when presented with an overwhelming amount of information (relevant and otherwise). A concept for alleviating this problem, " What You Get Is What You Need (WYGIWYN) " , is discussed in this paper. Tailored Information Delivery and Service (TIDS) uses the WYGIWYN concept to provide(More)
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