Richard Curry

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We have conducted a systematic review of home telecare for frail elderly people and for patients with chronic conditions. We searched 17 electronic databases, the reference lists of identified studies, conference proceedings and Websites for studies available in January 2006. We identified summaries of 8666 studies, which were assessed independently for(More)
IN 1963 Dr Charles Dotter, a radiologist of Portland, Oregon whilst performing an aortogram by retrograde catheterisation of the right iliac artery inadvertently passed his guide wire, and then a catheter, through a complete occlusion of the artery. There was a palpable though diminished femoral pulse in the groin and the catheter was passed easily. It was(More)
PURPOSE A multicenter phase II study was conducted to assess the efficacy of rituximab, methotrexate, procarbazine, and vincristine (R-MPV) followed by consolidation reduced-dose whole-brain radiotherapy (rdWBRT) and cytarabine in primary CNS lymphoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients received induction chemotherapy with R-MPV (five to seven cycles); those(More)
‘Telecare’ is the use of information and communication technology to facilitate health and social care delivery to individuals in their own homes. Governments around the world are seeking to introduce telecare partly to help address the challenges posed by an ageing society. Telecare is inherently complex to implement and operate because it involves(More)
Werner's syndrome (WS) is a human disease with manifestations resembling premature aging. The gene defective in WS, WRN, encodes a DNA helicase. Here, we describe the generation of mice bearing a mutation that eliminates expression of the C terminus of the helicase domain of the WRN protein. Mutant mice are born at the expected Mendelian frequency and do(More)
Climate and soil conditions in South Florida along with an extensive canal system facilitate movement of agricultural pesticides into surface waters. In a two-year study (2002-2004) of the currently used pesticides in South Florida, atrazine, endosulfan, metolachlor, chlorpyrifos, and chlorothalonil were the most frequently detected in the canals and in(More)
Coral reefs within the Florida Keys are disappearing at an alarming rate. Coral cover in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary declined by 38% from 1996 to 2000. In 2000, populations of Montastraea annularis at four sites near Molasses Reef within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and one reef within Biscayne National Park were sampled on a(More)
The UK government wishes to deploy a mainstream telecare service by 2010. We believe that it will be necessary to overcome the organizational and structural barriers to such an implementation. A better understanding of the effect of telecare across the care system as a whole will also be needed. In the absence of rigorous data from trials and because of the(More)