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Strategic Plan. The strategy for each major area of the program is summarized in specific chapters of the draft plan, and for four chapters is described in greater detail in white papers. The white papers, including this one focused on the carbon cycle, represent the views of the authors and are not statements of policy or findings of the United States(More)
The explosive increase of subscribed GSM users projects the need to enhance the current state of the GSM network currently in operation. Both current Network Operators and Third Parties are rapidly developing and Application Programmers Interfaces, which will enable corporate, government and specialist software houses etc, to deploy their business logic via(More)
—Complexity is ever increasing within our information environment and organisations, as interdependent dynamic relationships within sociotechnical systems result in high variety and uncertainty from a lack of information or control. A net-centric approach is a strategy to improve information value, to enable stakeholders to extend their reach to additional(More)
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