Richard Cooper

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BACKGROUND Postal questionnaires are widely used for data collection in epidemiological studies but non-response reduces the effective sample size and can introduce bias. Finding ways to increase response rates to postal questionnaires would improve the quality of health research. OBJECTIVES To identify effective strategies to increase response rates to(More)
BACKGROUND Lidocaine has been the initial antiarrhythmic drug treatment recommended for patients with ventricular fibrillation that is resistant to conversion by defibrillator shocks. We performed a randomized trial comparing intravenous lidocaine with intravenous amiodarone as an adjunct to defibrillation in victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. (More)
PURPOSE To review the current literature and generate recommendations on the role of newer technology in the management of the unanticipated difficult airway. METHODS A literature search using key words and filters of English language and English abstracted publications from 1990-96 contained in the Medline, Current Contents and Biological Abstracts(More)
Model-based user interface development environments show promise for improving the productivity of user interface developers, and possibly for improving the quality of developed interfaces. However, model-based techniques have rarely been applied to the important area of database interfaces. This lack of experience with data intensive systems may have led(More)
Two chymoelastases and three trypsinlike proteases were separated from culture filtrates of the entomopathogen Metarhizium anisopliae. A chymoelastase (Pr1) (pI 10.3 Mr 25,000) and trypsin (Pr2) (pI 4.42, Mr 28,500) were purified to homogeneity by ammonium sulphate precipitation, isoelectric focusing, and affinity chromatography. Inhibition studies showed(More)
The wheat fungal pathogen Stagonospora nodorum produces an extracellular trypsin-like protease, SNP1, during early stages of hyphal growth on the surface of host leaves and during penetration. Variation of SNP1 mRNA levels and enzyme activity during infection, were correlated with levels of aggressiveness of three wild-type isolates. SNP1 was deleted in two(More)
Stagonospora (= Septoria) nodorum when grown in liquid culture with wheat cell walls as the sole carbon and nitrogen source secretes numerous extracellular depolymerases, including a rapidly produced, alkaline, trypsin-like protease (SNP1). The enzyme was purified 417-fold by cation exchange chromatography and has a molecular mass of 25 kDa on sodium(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Control of diseases in the key tropical staple, cassava, is dependent on resistant genotypes, but the innate mechanisms are unknown. The aim was to study phenylpropanoids and associated enzymes as possible defence components. METHODS Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL), phenylpropanoids and peroxidases (POD) were investigated in elicited(More)
Model-based user interface development environments aim to provide designers with a more systematic approach to user interface development using a particular design method. This method is realised through tools which support the construction and linkage of the supported models. This paper presents the tools which support the construction of the Teallach(More)