Richard Collyer

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Real-time sonography of the eye is a technique that is rapidly performed and readily available in most sonography departments. It is less expensive than CT and MR imaging and, if necessary, may be performed at the patient's bedside. This essay demonstrates a few of the large number of clinical entities that may be successfully examined with this technique.
A previously healthy 33-year-old woman presented with decreased vision and pain in her left eye. Funduscopic examination revealed a mass in the posterior pole of the eye, and chest radiography showed a lesion in the lower lobe of her left lung. The eye became painful and blind over 12 days and was enucleated. The tumour had the typical histopathological and(More)
The notion of nudge effects was investigated in two field experiments which focused on influencing customers’ purchases by manipulating the location and availability of food in a University canteen setting. Study 1 manipulated the location of fruit and confectionary. Study 2 restricted the types of bread (i.e. brown only not white) that customers could(More)
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