Richard Christen

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Small-subunit ribosomal DNA sequences were determined for 17 strains belonging to the genera Alteromonas, Shewanella, Vibrio, and Pseudomonas, and these sequences were analyzed by phylogenetic(More)
The phylogenetic relationships among marine Alteromonas-like bacteria of the genera Alteromonas, Pseudoalteromonas, Glaciecola, Thalassomonas, Colwellia, Idiomarina, Oceanimonas, Oceanisphaera,(More)
A collection of 75 strains of Pectobacterium chrysanthemi (including all biovars and pathovars) and the type strains of Brenneria paradisiaca (CFBP 4178(T)) and Pectobacterium cypripedii (CFBP(More)
A collection of 42 strains belonging to the five subspecies of Pectobacterium carotovorum (subspecies atrosepticum, betavasculorum, carotovorum, odoriferum and wasabiae) and 11 reference and type(More)