Richard Choroszucha

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— In this paper, we propose an approach and a specific algorithm to integrate a parameter estimation with the receding horizon model predictive control. We derive this adaptive MPC algorithm based on the integrated perturbation analysis and sequential quadratic programming (IPA-SQP) framework. Previously this approach was exploited for repeated constrained(More)
Thick, segmented crystalline scintillators have shown increasing promise as replacement x-ray converters for the phosphor screens currently used in active matrix flat-panel imagers (AMFPIs) in radiotherapy, by virtue of providing over an order of magnitude improvement in the detective quantum efficiency (DQE). However, element-to-element misalignment in(More)
PURPOSE Thick segmented scintillators, incorporating a 2-dimensional matrix of optically-isolated scintillator elements, have shown considerable potential for improving the performance of megavoltage active matrix, flat-panel imagers (MV AMFPIs). While over a factor of 20 improvement in DQE at zero spatial-frequency has been demonstrated for prototypes(More)
Megavoltage, cone-beam computed tomography (MV CBCT) employing an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) is a highly promising technique for providing soft-tissue visualization in image-guided radiotherapy. However, current EPIDs based on active matrix flat-panel imagers (AMFPIs), which are regarded as the gold standard for portal imaging and referred to(More)
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