Richard Child

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To determine whether the soil Mycobacterium isolate KMS would mineralize pyrene under rhizosphere conditions, a microcosm system was established to collect radioactive carbon dioxide released from the labeled polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Microcosms were designed as sealed, flow-through systems that allowed the growth of plants. Experiments were(More)
Internode extension in young, light-grown mustard plants was measured continuously to a high degree of resolution using linear voltage displacement transducers. Plants were grown in background white light (WL) and the first internode was irradiated with supplementary far-red (FR) from fibre-optic light guides, depressing the Pfr/P (ratio of FR-absorbing(More)
AIMS This paper investigates the diversity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)-degrading mycobacterium isolates from three different sites within United States: Montana, Texas and Indiana. METHODS AND RESULTS All five mycobacterium isolates differed in chromosomal restriction enzyme-fragmentation patterns; three isolates possessed linear plasmids.(More)
In background white light, supplementary far-red (λmax 700 nm) is an order of magnitude less effective than supplementary far-red (λmax 739 nm) in the stimulation of stem extension in Sinapis alba. The relationship between phytochrome photoequilibrium and extension rate increase for the two supplementary far-red treatments is, however, very similar. This(More)
The duration of a cardiac action potential (AP) is measured from the beginning of its upstroke to the end of its asymptotic repolarization phase: the end being given by a point in proportion to the AP amplitude. If the resting potential, AP amplitude, as well as the duration, alter simultaneously, frequent accurate measurements can be extremely tedious. A(More)
Blueberries are an increasingly important h~ticultural crop in New Zealand and other coun~es. Fruit ripen over an extended period, with considerable differences in storage and other qualities. Tissue concentrations of abscisic acid (ABA), 1-aminocyciopmpane-l-carboxylic acid (ACC), malonyl-ACC and also ACC oxidase activity and ethylene evolution were(More)
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