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Despite their many successes, Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are not yet practical enough to be employed in the real world educational/training environments. We argue that this undesirable scenario can be changed by focusing on developing an ITS development methodology that transforms current ITS research to consider practical issues that are part of(More)
It was hypothesized that electroacupuncture releases beta-endorphin and ACTH from the pituitary. Since ACTH induces the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands, blood cortisol level should be enhanced by electroacupuncture. The present result shows that the blood cortisol levels of horses are significantly increased after 30 min of electroacupuncture(More)
Morphine pellets (75 mg morphine base per pellet) were implanted subcutaneously in mice (B6AF1/J) and were surgically removed after 3 or 8 days. During morphine abstinence (7 h after pellet removal), the mice were treated with electroacupuncture (EA). The results indicate that EA analgesia shows no cross-tolerance to morphine. Additionally, EA reduced(More)
The effect of Qigong meditation on the hemodynamics of the prefrontal cortex was investigated by spectroscopy with a single-wavelength probe (650 nm) and confirmed by standard near-infrared spectroscopy with a dual-wavelength probe. Deoxyhemoglobin changes were recorded with the single-wavelength probe over the left prefrontal cortex during meditation by(More)