Richard Chapman

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This paper presents a procedure for automatically drawing directed graphs. Our system, CG, uses a unique clan-based graph decomposition to determine intrinsic substructures (clans) in the graph and to produce a parse tree. The tree is given attributes that specify the node layout. CG then uses tree properties with the addition of " routing nodes " to route(More)
Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are search procedures based on natural selection [2]. They have been successfully applied to a wide variety of optimization problems [4]. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) [1,7] is a new type of evolutionary paradigm that has been successfully used to solve a number of single objective optimization problems (SOPs). However, to(More)
This paper presents a method for test scenario generation based on formal specifications and usage profiles. It is a major component of a framework for testing object-oriented programs. In this framework, the requirements of a software system are formally specified. The anticipated application of the system is expressed in a usage profile, which is a state(More)