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This paper presents a procedure for automatically drawing directed graphs. Our system, CG, uses a unique clan-based graph decomposition to determine intrinsic substructures (clans) in the graph and to produce a parse tree. The tree is given attributes that specify the node layout. CG then uses tree properties with the addition of " routing nodes " to route(More)
Bonica's Management of Pain, third edition , is a comprehensive text dealing with all aspects of pain management. The editors successfully recruited an impressive list of contributing authors. A total of 132 experts in the field of pain management participated in this text. Each part of the text offers detailed information, providing an exceptional(More)
Vapour bubble collapse problems lacking spherical symmetry are solved here using a numerical method designed especially for these problems. Viscosity and compressibility in the liquid are neglected. Two specific cases of initially spherical bubbles collapsing near a plane solid wall were simulated: a bubble initially in contact with the wall, and a bubble(More)
We present an algorithm for on-line character recognition that is fast, portable, and consumes very little memory for code or data. The algorithm is alphabet-independent, and does not require training beyond entering the alphabet once. This algorithm uses a novel method of feature extraction, activity, to achieve a high rate of accuracy. The recognition can(More)