Richard Castanet

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Testing conceptually consists of three activities: test case generation, test case execution and verdict assignment. Using online testing, test cases are generated and simultaneously executed (i.e. the complete test scenario is built during test execution). This paper presents a framework that automatically generates and executes tests "online" for(More)
Robustness testing aims at verifying the acceptable behavior of a system under unexpected conditions. In this paper we propose a framework and a tool for robustness test cases generation. Our framework consists of two phases: (1) Construction of an <i>increased specication</i> by integrating hazards in the nominal specification model written in SDL. The(More)
This paper presents a methodology to perform passive testing of behavioural conformance for the web services based on the security rule. The proposed methodology can be used either to check a trace (offline checking) or to runtime verification (online checking) with timing constraints, including future and past time. In order to perform this: firstly, we(More)
Web services are the element based in SOA (i.e., Service Oriented Architecture) applications that are commonly used in software systems. However the validation problem on quality of web services via testing has to be improved. This paper presents two tools for conformance testing of web services. One tool for unit testing that is implemented by an on-line(More)