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The variations in concentrations of carbon and nitrogen in surface sediments of the Gulf of Riga were investigated between December 1993 and January 1995. The sediment samples were taken nine times during this period at two sampling sites. One sampling site, G5, exhibited high abundance of burrowing amphipods, whereas at the second site, T3, the number of(More)
In a 1-year survey at a university hospital we found that 20·6% (81/392) of patients with antibiotic associated diarrohea where positive for C. difficile. The most common PCR ribotypes were 012 (14·8%), 027 (12·3%), 046 (12·3%) and 014/020 (9·9). The incidence rate was 2·6 cases of C. difficile infection for every 1000 outpatients.
This investigation explores both the theoretical and empirical modelling of the dynamic performance of floating slab track systems used for reducing groundborne noise and vibration from rail transit systems. Accurately predicting the performance of floating slab track systems is important to the success of a new rail project. In general it has been observed(More)
A computer model has been used to simulate the discharge kinetics and parametric behaviour of a selfheated copper vapour laser for a wide range of optimum and non-optimum conditions. The results indicate that the ground state copper density and the peak electron temperature are the two most important parameters that affect laser performance. The results(More)
This report describes a system of electronics to be used with a proportional wire chamber hodoscope. The system, which uses CAMAC packaging and data handling philosophy, consists of octo (8 channel) wire signal amplifiers, octo 4-bit per wire latch modules, gate fanout modules, crate controllers, and two types of data processor-interface units to the SDS(More)
Measurements of the distribution of organic and inorganic phosphorus in the sediment have been performed at 10 sites, in the central-northern Baltic proper. Variations in deposition environment and environmental properties, such as redox chemistry and bottom water dynamics, apparently affect the distribution by altering the supply and diagenesis of organic(More)