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We describe a new formalism for storing linguistic data in a text to speech system. Linguistic entities such as words and phones are stored as feature structures in a general object called an linguistic item. Items are configurable at run time and via the feature structure can contain arbitrary information. Linguistic relations are used to store the(More)
We have developed a general purpose, comprehensive, and highly reliable computerized Record and Verify System to detect and prevent mistakes in the delivery of external beam radiation therapy. This system helps prevent accidental delivery of dangerous dose, improves quality control, and provides invaluable record keeping and report generating capabilities.(More)
The goal of our research is to simulate the human production of language under time constraints. In this paper, we brieey discuss two behaviours arising from time pressure, hesitation and spontaneous self-repair, which we have identiied from a corpus of human dialogues. We then go on to describe a system architecture, adapted from work in real-time systems,(More)
Computerized monitoring of radiation treatments is an effective tool in detecting and preventing errors in treatment delivery. Most manufacturers now supply optional treatment monitoring (Record and Verify) systems. These differ significantly in their features and are, in general, incompatible with each other. Based on our examination of four different(More)
Technological advances have helped to improve functional ability in spinal cord injury survivors. The aim of this study is to systematically review the evidence for functional electrical stimulation (FES) on functional tasks involving the upper limb in people with spinal cord injuries. The authors systematically searched from September 2009 to September(More)
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