Richard C. Tiberio

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We report the realization and demonstration of novel semiconductor waveguide-coupled microcavity ring and disk resonators. For a 10.5-microm-diameter disk resonator, we measure a finesse of 120, a resonant linewidth of 0.18 nm, and a free-spectral range of 21.6 nm in the 1.55-mum-wavelength region. We present the nanofabrication methods and the experimental(More)
In this paper, a general systematic procedure is presented for defining incremental field contributions. They may provide effective tools to describe a wide class of scattering and diffraction phenomena at any aspect, within a unitary, self-consistent framework. This procedure is based on a generalization of the incremental theory of diffraction (ITD)(More)
We report the measurement of cavity propagation losses in nearly single-mode semiconductor waveguide-coupled ring and disk microcavity optical resonators. Using a novel 10.5m-diameter ring resonator, we measure transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) field intensity losses in 0.35m-wide ring waveguide cavities in the 1.55m-wavelength region.(More) C O M M U N IC A IO N He Yi , Xin-Yu Bao , Jie Zhang , Christopher Bencher , Li-Wen Chang , Xiangyu Chen , Richard Tiberio , James Conway , Huixiong Dai , Yongmei Chen , Subhasish Mitra , and H.-S. Philip Wong * Flexible Control of Block Copolymer Directed SelfAssembly using Small, Topographical Templates: Potential Lithography(More)
The electromagnetic scattering of a corner at the interconnection of two straight edges joined by a plane angular sector is important in the framework of the geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD) and of its uniform extension (UTD). The same canonical problem is also useful in order to obtain fringe currents, namely the currents that are induced on the(More)
A uniform high-frequency formulation of the Green's function is presented, for an arbitrarily contoured finite array of electric dipoles. The planar array is thought of as a sequence of parallel finite linear arrays. Its field is obtained by numerical superposition of the dominant field contributions from each constituent linear array. These contributions(More)
L-Arogenate, an immediate precursor of either L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, or both in many microorganisms and plants, may undergo two types of dehydration reactions that yield products of increased stability. Under acidic conditions, a facile aromatization attended by loss of the C-4 hydroxyl and the C-1 carboxyl moieties results in quantitative conversion(More)
The present work is a generalization of that dealing with a pair of knife-edges. In particular, a high-frequency solution is obtained for the scattering in the near zone of a pair of coplanar skew wedges with arbitrary exterior angle, illuminated by a source at finite distance. The solution is achieved by using a spherical wave spectral representation of(More)
Directed self-assembly (DSA) is a promising lithography candidate for technology nodes beyond 14 nm. Researchers have shown contact hole patterning for random logic circuits using DSA with small physical templates. This paper introduces an alphabet approach that uses a minimal set of small physical templates to pattern all contacts configurations on(More)
This paper reports the design optimization of lateral nanoelectromechanical (NEM) relays for sub 1V actuation by COMSOL simulation with various materials and structures. Measured actuation voltages from fabricated relays showed good matching with simulation.