Richard C. S. Morling

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The gametocytes of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum are highly resistant to antimalarial drugs. Its presence in the blood can be detected even after a successful malaria treatment. This paper explains a modified Annular Ring Ratio method which successfully locates and differentiates gametocytes of P. falciparum species in thin blood film images.(More)
This paper illustrates the automated diagnosis of malaria parasite (Plasmodium species) in microscopic images of Giemsa stained thin blood films. The procedure adapts a morphological approach for blood cell identification and uses the image features such as intensity, histogram, relative size and geometry for further analysis. Two methods of object(More)
This paper describes in detail the design of a custom CMOS Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) processor for computing 256-point complex FFT. The FFT is well suited for real-time spectrum analysis in instrumentation and measurement applications. The FFT butterfly processor consists of one parallel-parallel multiplier and two adders. It is capable of computing one(More)
I and Q Channel phase and gain misniatches are of great concern in communications receiver design. In this paper we analyse the effects of I and Q channel mismatches and propose a lowcomplexity blind adaptive algorithm to minimize this problem. The proposed solution consists of two, 2-tap adaptive filters. arranged in Adaptive Noise Canceller (ANC) set-up,(More)
This paper provides an overview of the sources and effects of the RF impairments limiting and rendering the performance of the future wireless communication transceivers costly as well as hindering their wide-spread use in commercial products. As transmission bandwidths and carrier frequencies increase effect of these impairments worsen. This paper studies(More)
A new method for designing single rail asynchronous circuits is studied. It utilises additional circuitry to monitor the activity of nodes within combinational logic blocks. When all transitions have halted a completion signal is generated. Details of the circuit and design methodology are given and the influence of glitches on the proposed circuit is(More)