Richard C. Fries

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The content and qualities of a good software requirements specification (SRS) are described and several sample SRS outlines are presented. This recommended practice is aimed at specifying requirements of software to be developed but also can be applied to assist in the selection of in-house and commercial software products. Guidelines for compliance with(More)
Through participation in various activities, industry can influence the curriculum of Biomedical Engineering, provide feedback on how well students are prepared for careers in industry, and find well-prepared candidates for positions within the company. Universities can learn what current technologies are being used in industry and thus adapt their(More)
These studies identified key concepts and developmental differences in people's conceptions of the engineering design process. The method of assessment was concept mapping. Key concepts were derived from the concept maps of 15 experts and organized into six broad categories. Expert data served as benchmarks for assessing the conceptual development of 32(More)
The European Community's Medical Devices Directives represent an ambitious effort to streamline the regulation of medical devices within the European Economic Area, and area comprising more than 380 million people. In this, the first of two special reports, Richard C. Fries and Mark D. Graber describe the Medical Devices Directives and their effect on the(More)
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