Richard C Erickson

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Four black-footed ferrets that were live-trapped in South Dakota and transported to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center died within 21 days after vaccination with modified live canine distemper virus. Immunofluorescence, European ferret inoculation, virus isolation attempts, and serum-neutralization tests indicated insufficient attenuation of the vaccine(More)
Psychological and neuropsychological assessments of psychiatric patients are usually designed to contribute to or document psychiatric diagnoses. The present article suggests that reframing the task to focus on cognitive rehabilitation issues can contribute significantly to the treatment of the chronic patient. A test protocol is proposed and exemplary(More)
Describes a brief and relatively data-rich abbreviated form of the Reitan. By employing the Trail Making Test, the Aphasia Screening Test, and Block Design and Digit Symbol from the WAIS, one can predict the presence and severity of organic impairment and comment on lateralization and localization. Findings are cross-validated.
This paper surveys the process approach literature with an emphasis on higher level cognitive functions like attention and concentration, learning and memory, and problem solving and executive functioning. In particular, it discusses organizational strategies and kinds of errors found on a variety of tests as well as behavioral, situational, and(More)
The utility of the Defense Mechanism Inventory (DMI) with alcoholic patients was evaluated by reviewing previous research and presenting new data concerning the test characteristics and the relationships between the DMI and various demographic, cognitive, and personality variables. In general, the defense mechansims of projection and turning against others(More)
Certain dichotomies that are built into modern medical and psychiatric care-mind versus body, the individual versus the group, and "sin" versus sickness-are discussed and criticized. Judeo-Christian views regarding these issues are presented as helpful alternatives that can help set limits on the distinctions made.