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In most cases of schizophrenia the onset of frank psychosis is preceded by a period of prodromal features. This period has been relatively neglected by researchers and is potentially important in promoting early intervention. The prevalence of DSM-III-R schizophrenia prodrome symptoms was assessed as part (n = 657) of a large (n = 2525) questionnaire-based(More)
This study investigated assumptions made by DSM-III and DSM-III-R regarding Axis I-Axis II associations and sex differences for the 11 personality disorders (PD). A total of 112 patients formed 4 Axis I diagnostic groups: recent-onset schizophrenia (n = 35); recent-onset mania (n = 26); unipolar affective disorder (n = 30); and a mixed diagnostic group (n =(More)
BACKGROUND Recent research has focused upon the subdiagnostic level in an effort to derive more valid domains of psychotic disorder. This has led to the influential positive-negative dichotomy in schizophrenia being superseded by a three-syndrome model. The strategy of looking for syndromes within poorly validated diagnostic categories, such as(More)
This study, the third of a series of reports on employability and schizophrenia, investigated the effects of both interview and non-interview variables on employability. Data on 46 chronic schizophrenic inpatients included demographic and illness-related variables, measures of psychopathology and interview-based ratings of employment skill. Latent class(More)
Confined liquids can have properties that are poorly predicted from bulk parameters. We resolve with 0.5 nm resolution the nanoscale perturbations that interfaces cause on fluidity, in thin 3-methylpentane (3MP) films. The films of glassy 3MP are much less viscous at the vacuum-liquid interface and much more viscous at the 3MP-metal interface, compared to(More)
This study aimed to determine the dimensionality of concepts of schizophrenia using 11 different diagnostic systems, and then to identify the nature of these dimensions by their relationship to a range of signs and symptoms. The sample consisted of 479 patients admitted with a first episode of functional psychosis. The underlying structure of the 11(More)
In DSM-III it is proposed that there are 11 personality disorders (PDs) that fall into 3 superordinate clusters: cluster A, labelled the odd or eccentric; cluster B, labelled the emotional, dramatic or erratic; and cluster C, described as the anxious or fearful. To check this proposal, data were obtained from a sample of 112 state hospital psychiatric(More)
Dental implant failures are still a common occurrence, especially in areas of poor bone quality. The purpose of this study was to observe whether the application of a growth factor, recombinant human transforming growth factor beta-1 (rhTGF-beta1), would improve the healing of bone adjacent to titanium dental implants. Four adult male Yucatan minipigs had(More)
In a previous commentary, D'Elia and colleagues reflected on the relative adequacy of normative data for the original Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS) and the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised (WMS-R). They concluded that, for some age groups, the original version of the test is preferred. We discuss further the crux of the D'Elia and colleagues criticism of the(More)