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Abdominal sonography for the detection and evaluation of mass lesions is a common investigative modality. The authors wish to report a case of an unusual retroperitoneal tumor that was detected by ultrasound. The lesion, fibromatosis, was symptomatic but went undiagnosed for over a year, despite two evaluations which included multiple standard(More)
There is considerable research in the field of content-based medical image retrieval; however, few of the current systems investigate the relationship between the radiologists' visual impression of image similarity and the computer calculated content-based similarity. Furthermore, those research studies that investigate these relationships analyze the(More)
Internationally in secondary schools, lessons are typically taught by subject specialists, raising the question of how to accommodate teaching which bridges the sciences and humanities. This is the first study to look at how students make sense of the teaching they receive in two subjects (science and religious education [RE]) when one subject's curriculum(More)