Richard Brice Hoover

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A novel, extremely psychrotolerant, facultative anaerobe, strain PmagG1(T), was isolated from guano of Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) collected in Chilean Patagonia. Gram-variable,(More)
A novel, psychrotolerant, facultative anaerobe, strain FTR1T, was isolated from Pleistocene ice from the permafrost tunnel in Fox, Alaska. Gram-positive, motile, rod-shaped cells were observed with(More)
A novel obligately anaerobic, mesophilic, alkaliphilic spirochaete, strain ASpC2(T), was isolated from an anaerobic sediment of alkaline, hypersaline Owens Lake in California, USA. The Gram-negative(More)
A novel, alkaliphilic, obligately anaerobic bacterium, strain SCAT, was isolated from mud sediments of a soda lake in California, USA. The rod-shaped cells were motile, Gram-positive, formed spores(More)