Richard Boulanger

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We describe QSketcher, a new environment for composing music for film. The main focus is the support of early stages of the creative workflow, from idea conception through realization, rather than the order and synchronization of musical fragments with film. This paper describes the design process and rationale, the system, the user environment, and how(More)
This thesis presents new methods designed for the deconstruction and reassembly of musical works based on a target emotional contour. Film soundtracks provide an ideal testing ground for organizing music around strict timing and emotional criteria. The approach to media analysis applies Minsky's ideas of frame-arrays to the context of film music, revealing(More)
The Mathews Radio Baton System is a rugged, portable, and wonderfully responsive 3D hardware controller supported by an ever expanding set of C functions and C++ classes. These continue to facilitate user programmability and customization of the system. In addition, the package also includes Mathews' text-based "expressive" sequencer – The Conductor(More)
The introduction of Chip Scale Package (CSP) has become one of the key packaging solutions in the recent semiconductor industry. With the advantages of reducing the package size and stacking capability for higher interconnects, CSP's are continuously evolving into many different types of CSP's packages. One of the key innovative package solutions is the(More)
In this paper we introduce extensions and some unique features of the scanned synthesis algorithm. Scanned synthesis was introduced as a fairly simple principle, it did however contain some powerful ideas for sound generation. We will show extensions of scanned synthesis to higher dimensional shapes, using arbitrary scanning trajectories and how it relates(More)
The computational power of today's computers brings the most powerful signal processing and synthesis tools into the home studio. For less than $2000 you can have the equivalent of the IRCAM ISPW or a NeXT running “SynthBuilder” on your battery powered PPC or PC Laptop, and all the “essential” software tools and utilities can be had commercially at low cost(More)