Richard Born

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Since the introduction of diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) as a method for examining neural connectivity, its accuracy has not been formally evaluated. In this study, we directly compared connections that were visualized using injected neural tract tracers (WGA-HRP) with those obtained using in-vivo diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) tractography. First, we(More)
A classical neural tract tracer, WGA-HRP, was injected at multiple sites within the brain of a macaque monkey. Histological sections of the labeled fiber tracts were reconstructed in 3D, and the fibers were segmented and registered with the anatomical post-mortem MRI from the same animal. Fiber tracing along the same pathways was performed on the DTI data(More)
Chronically hypoxic cells were 5 times more resistant to Adriamycin (ADR) than exponentially growing oxic cells. On reoxygenation, resistance decreased slowly to reach the ADR sensitivity of oxic cells after 24 h. With increasing pH, ADR efficiency increased more in oxic than in chronically hypoxic cells. With increasing cell density, ADR efficiency(More)
The duration of DNA synthesis of a diploid cell line of Chinese hamster fibroblasts was determined in a comparative study by the FLM technique, and also by a new technique for measuring the rate of DNA synthesis of individual cells. These methods produced comparable results when applied during exponential growth of the cells. The rate of DNA synthesis was(More)