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We develop a simple mathematical model for forced flow of culture medium through a porous scaffold in a tissue-engineering bioreactor. Porous-walled hollow fibres penetrate the scaffold and act as additional sources of culture medium. The model, based on Darcy's law, is used to examine the nutrient and shear-stress distributions throughout the scaffold. We(More)
Swimming capabilities and in situ measurement of muscle activity from adult Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) at two seasonal temperatures were measured using radio transmitted electromyogram (EMG) signals. Forced sustained levels of activity and critical swimming speeds were determined and correlated to radio transmitted EMG signals using a modified Blazka(More)
In any subsurface exploration and development, indirect information and measurements, such as detailed geological description, outcrop studies, and direct measurements (such as seismic, cores, logs, and fluid samples), provide useful data and information for static reservoir characterization, simulation, and forecasting. However, core and log data(More)
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