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Over the next decade an increasing number of new "pharmacotherapy" medications will become available with the potential to tremendously impact the use and abuse of illegal drugs and the overall direction of national and international drug policy. These pharmacotherapy medications are designed to block or significantly reduce the "highs" elicited by illegal(More)
In many data mining exercises, we see information that appears on the surface to demonstrate a particular conclusion. But closer examination of the data reveals that these results are indeed misleading. In this session, we will examine this notion of misleading results in three areas: Statistical Issues Statistical issues such as multicollinearity and(More)
The paradigm shift from 'data-centered pattern mining' to 'domain driven actionable knowledge discovery' has increased the need for considering the business yield (utility) and demand or rate of recurrence of the items (frequency) while mining a retail business transaction database. Such a data mining process will help in mining different types of itemsets(More)
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