Richard Binns

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—Control of molten steel delivery through the pouring nozzle is critical to ensure an optimum laminar flow pattern in continuous casting, which influences the surface quality, cleanliness , and hence the value of the cast product. A nonintrusive and nonhazardous visualization technique, which uses rugged and noninvasive sensors, would be highly desirable in(More)
– This paper describes the development of an instrument to analyze the phase transformations of hot strip steel using an electromagnetic sensor. The sensor exploits variations in the electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability of the steel to monitor microstructure evolution during processing. The sensor is an inductive device based on a H-shaped(More)
A programme of work is proposed to develop hydrophones in water as a method of detecting the interactions of ultra high energy (UHE) cosmic ray neutrinos (10 10 GeV), a region which is likely to prove difficult for conventional detectors. It is proposed to develop a test and calibration procedure for the detection of such events. A suitable test bed is the(More)
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