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PURPOSE To evaluate changes in central corneal endothelial cells and corneal thickness after divide and conquer phacoemulsification and chip and flip phacoemulsification. SETTING Houston Eye Clinic, Houston, Texas, USA. METHODS Forty-four eyes were randomly assigned to one of two groups to have divide and conquer (D/C Group) or chip and flip (C/F Group)(More)
Pseudoephedrine and dextromethorphan are therapeutic constituents of numerous commonly used, over-the-counter cough and cold preparations. Although this drug combination is generally considered quite safe if utilized in recommended doses, overmedication or overdose can result in serious neurologic and cardiovascular abnormalities that occasionally can be(More)
The medical records of 13 patients with primary malignant lesions of the lacrimal gland revealed adenoid cystic carcinoma as the most common malignant tumor. The histologic cell type, neural invasion, and bony destruction were correlated with localized control and ultimate survival. Surgical removal of the lacrimal gland was adequate treatment for low-grade(More)
BACKGROUND Patients scheduled to undergo radial keratotomy in both eyes received redeepening incisions in one eye and single pass incisions in the other. Eye and order of surgery were assigned randomly and surgical parameters were otherwise identical in the two eyes. METHODS This study was designed to measured the improvements in myopia obtained by radial(More)
The goal of maximizing radial keratotomy results by using optical-zone-directed (centrally directed) incisions rather than limbus-directed (peripherally directed) incisions is evaluated in this prospective study. Five patients had bilateral radial keratotomy, with optical-zone-directed incisions in one eye and limbus-directed incisions in the other. The(More)
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