Richard Beranek

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The design of a 13 degree-of-freedom autonomous biped robot, ABL-B1 is presented. Actuation is provided by brushed motors coupled with harmonic drive gear heads. A Control Area Network (CAN) provides a central bus for communication between all the actuators and sensors in the system. CAN-enabled microcontrollers allow for a distributed digital control loop(More)
A novel controller using Center of Gravity (COG) planning based on the Centroidal Moment Pivot (CMP) criterion with Ground Reaction Force (GRF) feedback is presented. High level motion planning of the robot is done by planning a reference CMP trajectory that lies within the support polygon. In order to ensure rotational stability, the controller regulates(More)
A novel behavior based locomotion controller (BBLC) capable of adapting to unknown disturbances is presented. The proposed controller implements a behavior based control architecture by subdividing the walking control into several task-space controllers such as swing leg control and center of gravity (COG) position control. For each task-space controller, a(More)
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