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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of yoga as an intervention for chronic low back pain (CLBP) using a meta-analytical approach. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that examined pain and⁄or functional disability as treatment outcomes were included. Post-treatment and follow-up outcomes were assessed. METHODS A comprehensive search of relevant electronic(More)
The delivery of effective life support measures is highly associated with the quality, design and implementation of the education that underpins it. Effectively responding to a critical event is a requirement for all nurses illustrating the need for effective educational approaches from pre-registration training through to enhancing and maintaining life(More)
Much excitement has been generated by the idea of harnessing levels of deep engagement offered by Serious Games in Higher Education (HE). However, little is known about academics’ real views on the use of educational games in HE, yet academics are key to serious game implementation. An in-depth survey of academic staff within the University of(More)
BACKGROUND Social support has been strongly linked to health outcomes. However, the factors associated with satisfaction with social support remain poorly understood. PURPOSE We examined the impact of different types of support, affect, marital satisfaction, personality, and disease-related variables on day-to-day and overall satisfaction with spouse(More)
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