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A mixture model-based approach to the clustering of microarray expression data
The usefulness of the EMMIX-GENE approach for the clustering of tissue samples is demonstrated on two well-known data sets on colon and leukaemia tissues, and relevant subsets of the genes are able to be selected that reveal interesting clusterings of the tissues that are either consistent with the external classified tissues or with background and biological knowledge of these sets. Expand
Modelling high-dimensional data by mixtures of factor analyzers
We focus on mixtures of factor analyzers from the perspective of a method for model-based density estimation from high-dimensional data, and hence for the clustering of such data. This approachExpand
A simple implementation of a normal mixture approach to differential gene expression in multiclass microarrays
This work provides a straightforward and easily implemented method for estimating the posterior probability that an individual gene is null by converting to a z-score the value of the test statistic used to test the significance of each gene. Expand
Room-temperature macromolecular serial crystallography using synchrotron radiation
The room-temperature structure of lysozyme is determined using 40000 individual diffraction patterns from micro-crystals flowing in liquid suspension across a synchrotron microfocus beamline.
Extension of the mixture of factor analyzers model to incorporate the multivariate t-distribution
An EM-based algorithm is developed for the fitting of mixtures of t-factor analyzers and its application is demonstrated in the clustering of some microarray gene-expression data. Expand
Translation position determination in ptychographic coherent diffraction imaging.
A method to retrieve and correct position errors during the image reconstruction iterations and improve both the quality of the retrieved object image and the position accuracy requirement while acquiring the diffraction patterns is proposed. Expand
Corrigendum: X-ray holography with a customizable reference
An attempt is made to quantify the importance of knowing the carrier and removal status of canine coronavirus, which can be a harbinger of disease in other animals and may be a source of infection in humans. Expand
Robust Cluster Analysis via Mixture Models
Finite mixture models are being increasingly used to model the distributions of a wide variety of random phenomena and to cluster data sets. In this paper, we focus on the use of normal mixtureExpand
Grid Influenced Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
It is shown that the game has a unique and stable Stackelberg equilibrium, as a result of the stability of prosumers’ coalitions, and an algorithm is proposed that enables the centralized power system and the prosumers to reach the equilibrium solution. Expand