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A mixture model-based approach to the clustering of microarray expression data
MOTIVATION This paper introduces the software EMMIX-GENE that has been developed for the specific purpose of a model-based approach to clustering of microarray expression data, in particular, of tissue samples on a very large number of genes. Expand
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Modelling high-dimensional data by mixtures of factor analyzers
We focus on mixtures of factor analyzers from the perspective of a method for model-based density estimation from high-dimensional data, and hence for clustering of such data. Expand
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A simple implementation of a normal mixture approach to differential gene expression in multiclass microarrays
We provide a straightforward and easily implemented method for estimating the posterior probability that an individual gene is null. Expand
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Room-temperature macromolecular serial crystallography using synchrotron radiation
The room-temperature structure of lysozyme is determined using 40000 individual diffraction patterns from micro-crystals flowing in liquid suspension across a synchrotron microfocus beamline. Expand
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Extension of the mixture of factor analyzers model to incorporate the multivariate t-distribution
Mixtures of factor analyzers enable model-based density estimation to be undertaken for high-dimensional data, where the number of observations n is small relative to their dimension p. Expand
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Translation position determination in ptychographic coherent diffraction imaging.
Accurate knowledge of translation positions is essential in ptychography to achieve a good image quality and the diffraction limited resolution. We propose a method to retrieve and correct positionExpand
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Corrigendum: X-ray holography with a customizable reference
Nature Communications 5: Article number: 4661 (2014); Published: 22 August 2014; Updated: 16 October 2014. The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the authorExpand
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Robust Cluster Analysis via Mixture Models
Finite mixture models are being increasingly used to model the distributions of a wide variety of random phenomena and to cluster data sets. In this paper, we focus on the use of normal mixtureExpand
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Clustering objects on subsets of attributes
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Grid Influenced Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
This paper proposes a peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading scheme that can help a centralized power system to reduce the total electricity demand of its customers at the peak hour to incentivize prosumers to not seek any energy from it. Expand
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