Richard B Weininger

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The extent to which specific IgG can reach the lumen of the rabbit cauda epididymidis was investigated by comparison of the concentration in serum and fluid of the cauda epididymidis of a specific IgG raised against dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin (DNP--BGG). This specific IgG reached the epididymal lumen although in much lower concentration than(More)
A 5 1/2-yr-old child developed severe anemia with erythroid hypoplasia and 50% ringed sideroblasts in his bone marrow. A serum inhibitor of erythropoiesis was demonstrated, utilizing syngeneic and autologous bone marrow in a plasma-clot culture system. The IgG fraction of the patient's serum effected similar suppression of erythroid colony formation.(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a computer-based prior authorization system that was designed to include and test two new concepts for physician review: (1) the tool would minimize denials by providing real-time decision support with alternative options if the original request was noncompliant, and (2) the tool would collect sufficient information to create a patient(More)
157 Background: Many patients receiving treatment for cancer experience high levels of morbidity and reduction in quality of life. Proactive specialty cancer care management programs can be offered to patients experiencing these challenges. These patients are most often self-identified, referred by a physician, or identified by claims from a commercial or(More)
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