Richard B. Vinter

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A new algorithm, the ‘shifted Rayleigh filter’, is introduced for two or three-dimensional bearings only tracking problems. In common with other ‘moment matching’ tracking algorithms such as the extended Kalman filter and its modern refinements, it approximates the prior conditional density of the target state by a normal density; the novel feature is that(More)
This paper provides new conditions under which optimal controls are Lipschitz continuous for dynamic optimization problems with functional inequality constraints, a control constraint expressed in terms of a general closed convex set and a coercive cost function. It is shown that the linear independence condition on active state constraints, present in the(More)
Financial support from FCT/Portugal, Projecto PBICT/C/CEG/2438/95 is acknowledged y On leave from Departamento de Matemm atica, and CMAT, Universidade do Minho, 4800 Guimar~ aes, Portugal. Supported by grant BD 2918/94 from Programa PRAXIS XXI/FCT 1 nondegenerate necessary conditions 2 Abstract Standard versions of the maximum principle for optimal control(More)
Necessary conditions of optimality are derived for optimal control problems with pathwise state constraints, in which the dynamic constraint is modelled as a differential inclusion. The novel feature of the conditions is the unrestrictive nature of the hypotheses under which these conditions are shown to be valid. An Euler Lagrange type condition is(More)
A model for vehicle motion on a road network Is developed using an enumeration of feasible routes. Combined with a generic stochastic model of distance travelled, a predicted pdf of vehicle position is derived as a mixture. This approach allows prior information on vehicle intent and behaviour to be included via the mixture weights. Illustrative examples(More)
First optimality conditions and first existence results in the calculus of variations have been separated in time by more than a century. The formalism based on EulerLagrange equation deals with a given (local) minimizer whose existence need not be established. Minimizers which appeared in the classical examples of the variational problems were either(More)
This paper introduces a new methodology to account for Doppler blind zone constraints, arising, for example, in ground moving target indicator (GMTI) tracking applications. In such problems, target measurements are suppressed when the range rate (Doppler) of the target drops below a specified threshold in magnitude (the minimum detectable velocity). The(More)