Richard B. McLain

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A direct adaptive control strategy for a class of single-input/single-output nonlinear systems is presented. The major advantage of the proposed method is that a detailed dynamic nonlinear model is not required for controller design. The only information required about the plant is measurements of the state variables, the relative degree, and the sign of a(More)
We propose a nonlinear model reference adaptive control strategy in which a linear model (or a set of linear models) is embedded within the nonlinear controller. The technique is applicable to single-input, single-output nonlinear processes with stable zero dynamics and full-state feedback. The nonlinear control law is constructed by embedding linear(More)
A nonlinear adaptive control strategy based on radial basis function networks and principal component analysis is presented. The proposed method is well suited for low dimensional nonlinear systems that are difficult to model and control via conventional means. The effective system dimension is reduced by applying nonlinear principal component analysis to(More)
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