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Exercise brachial blood pressure (BP) predicts mortality, but because of wave reflection, central (ascending aortic) pressure differs from brachial pressure. Exercise central BP may be clinically important, and a noninvasive means to derive it would be useful. The purpose of this study was to test the validity of a noninvasive technique to derive exercise(More)
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty was attempted with elective percutaneous intra-aortic balloon pump support in 21 patients (mean age 60 years, range 40-82; 18 males) with unstable angina (n = 2), multivessel coronary disease requiring multivessel angioplasty (n = 2), severe left ventricular dysfunction (ejection fraction 10-30%; n = 16) or(More)
The effect on cardiac rhythm of the fall in plasma potassium concentration induced by nebulised beta2-agonist therapy was studied in 20 patients admitted to hospital with an acute exacerbation of their reversible chronic airflow limitation. Arrhythmias considered serious or potentially life-threatening were recorded in 13 patients (65%). However, there was(More)
A previous study in the Liverpool district on patients receiving long term oxygen treatment using a domiciliary oxygen concentrator showed that only 55% were both using oxygen therapy correctly and had stopped smoking. To try and identify which factors influence patient behaviour, all 55 patients in this district receiving long-term oxygen therapy for(More)
OBJECTIVES We hypothesized a time-dependent relation between angina occurring spontaneously before percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and the likelihood of an ischemic response during initial balloon occlusion. We further hypothesized that the ability to elicit the "classic" mode of PTCA-related preconditioning would vary with the(More)
When oxygen concentrators became available on form FP10 in 1985 the Department of Health and Social Security issued clear guidelines for their prescription for long term treatment. Reassessment of those patients prescribed a concentrator in one district showed that 29 out of 61 patients did not fulfil these criteria. Furthermore, in only 28 cases was the(More)
The use of gonopodial indices as potential indicators of endocrine disruption in the mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki inhabiting south west Australian wetlands was investigated. A minimum of 50 mature males was collected from each of five water-bodies in the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia, in order to measure morphological features related to(More)
Simultaneously obtained blood samples from the coronary sinus and systemic arterial circulation were analyzed for antithrombin III (ATIII) activity and fibrinopeptide A (FpA) concentration in nine patients undergoing elective PTCA in order to determine the effects of locally delivered heparin. Samples were obtained at the following designated times: prior(More)
Within Malaysia's otherwise highly accessible public healthcare system, palliative medicine is still an underdeveloped discipline. Government surveys have shown that opioid consumption in Malaysia is dramatically lower than the global average, indicating a failure to meet the need for adequate pain control in terminally ill patients. Indeed, based on daily(More)