Richard B. D’Eath

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LEO J. FLEISHMAN*, WILLIAM J. McCLINTOCK†, RICHARD B. D’EATH‡, DAVID H. BRAINARD§ & JOHN A. ENDLER** *Department of Biological Sciences, Union College †Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California at Santa Barbara, U.S.A. ‡Animal Biology Division, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh §Department of Psychology, University(More)
In mammals, males typically have better spatial ability than do females. However, most of the data come from laboratory tests and it is possible that factors impacting on the captive animal cause the observed sex differences in spatial cognition. A common influence on cognitive ability is stress, which may have its effect acutely, in the testing situation,(More)
Brain and immune system are linked in a bi-directional manner. To date, it remained largely unknown why immune components become suppressed, enhanced, or remain unaffected in relation to psychosocial stress. Therefore, we mixed unfamiliar pigs with different levels of aggressiveness. We separated castrated male and female pigs into psychosocially high- and(More)
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