Richard Austin

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PTEN is a potent tumor-suppressor protein. Aggressive and metastatic prostate cancer (PC) is associated with a reduction or loss of PTEN expression. PTEN reduction often occurs without gene mutations, and its downregulation is not fully understood. Herein, we show that PTEN is incorporated in the cargo of exosomes derived from cancer cells. PTEN is not(More)
This paper describes a project to design educational video games as an aid to teaching security. The first section describes the need to create practical hands on security examples where the student is an active learner. This section explains why video games are a natural fit for educational software, particularly in the field of information security and(More)
Often advanced topics require high cost tools which may put them out of reach for many programs but several advanced topics in digital forensics may be presented using readily available Open Source tools. This exposes students to developing areas in digital forensics and may also suggest fruitful areas for their own research. This tutorial will present live(More)
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