Richard Antley

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This communication brings the number of recognized cases of the C (trigonocephaly) syndrome to 11. The pattern of findings includes an anomaly of the anterior cranium and frontal cortex (trigonocephaly), the root of the nose (broad nasal bridge, epicanthus, and short nose), and palate (thick anterior alveolar ridges); abnormalities of the limbs(More)
Described here are two patients with a newly recognized syndrome of bone and cartilage maldevelopment which, we believe, results from a single embryonic defect, probably of genetic origin. The cardinal manifestations of this association are craniosynostosis, radiohumeral synostosis (RHS), and femoral bowing. Specific secondary defects include midface(More)
Genetic counselors are generally trained in genetics only and often have no basis for determining when a counselee has made an informed decision and the counselor's function is complete. A theory of genetic counseling (GC) is offered which interrelates genetic information, psychological responses, learning theory, and decision making, reflecting a shift(More)
The complex aspects of digital class D audio amplification and related technology issues are discussed. The focus is on a 100 W into 4 /spl Omega/ bridge-tied-load (BTL) power stage PIC. A 0.35 /spl mu/m BCD technology (LBC5) having 50 V LDMOS, and 10 /spl mu/m plated CuNiPd power metal, with bonding capability, was used to fabricate the chip.